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Strip No. 24

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Here’s the second big controversy I experienced as a cartoonist (the first being the Jewish Princess taboo). See that “Bonnie Jeans” on Crouton’s shirt three times? That’s the name of a local Champaign pizza joint, to whom I sold advertising space on my strip for $20 per mention (I think I asked for $50 total for this strip alone).

At the time, I thought it was just a brilliant way to make some extra cash (I earned $8 per strip from the Daily Illini itself). Turns out it was against the rules or something, and after a few more “sponsors” appearing over the next few strips, my boss told me to knock it off or I’d be fired.

Incidentally, I genuinely did love Bonnie Jeans pizza (that’s why I approached them), and when I published my three Blue Rice collections down the road, Bonnie Jeans bought the back cover ad all three times. They closed a few years ago, but I recently heard that they're back (above the Illini Inn on 4th Street). Eat there.


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