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Strip No. 1

Strip No. Blue_Rice.ViewModels.StripViewModel
August 26, 1999

This is the first Blue Rice strip ever, which I suppose makes it noteworthy. It's terrible, but you gotta start somewhere.

That also makes it the first appearance of the original main characters: Crouton (based loosely on myself) and Buzz (based not-so-loosely on a friend of mine).

By far, the most common question I get is "Where did the name Blue Rice come from?" Answer: in college, we loved Tuesday nights at a campus bar called R&R's—famous for their "shark bowls" (big blue cocktails served in a fishbowl with a plastic shark toy floating inside). One time, after we first had Chinese for dinner, my roommate got so drunk that he threw up blue rice the next day. Buzz, you are my muse.


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