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Strip No. 175

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This was probably the best political strip I ever did, for a bunch of reasons:

1) I drew/submitted it on Election Day before the polls closed, with the goal of making it work regardless of who won. Funny thing, though...one day later when it ran, the country still didn't know who won. One of the rare times that hedging one's bets actually worked—sort of like flipping a coin and betting it lands on its side.

2) Panel 2 called out what many Daily Illini staffers actually threatened to do if Bush won. (Four years later, these were the people who threatened to move to Canada if Bush won again, and yet none of them ever followed through.)

3) Panel 3 is just fun.

4) If I remember correctly, panel 4 is based on a Bush/Cheney exchange that was caught on microphone.


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